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Nestle Nan Optipro Follow Up Milk Formula - Stage 2

NAN OPTIPRO 2 Gold is a premium whey:casein balanced follow-on formula, from cow’s milk, that is specially designed to help ensure your formula fed infant receives balanced, high quality nutrition from 6 months.


NIDO Milk powder


Nan Optipro Growing Up Milk Stage 3 (From 2 Years Onwards) 1.8 kg

*Support baby's normal brain growth *Helps in increasing the number of bifidobacterial in gut flora of infants *Contains exactly the right amount of nutrients that a newborn baby needs to grow and prosper


NAN Growing up Formula 4 400 g

Growing up milk with iron Optipro: An optimized protein blend that supplies the right amount and quality of proteins needed for your baby's growth Bifidus BL: Naturally active probiotics Lipid Smart: A special fat blend which contributes to your baby's normal brain development